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1.  First, you fill out the Annual Revenue Projection for your company. This would be the gross amount of sales you project for the year.
2. Figure out the Net Profit Projection you want for this year. If you don't know your previous years, do the research. This is where you decide if you need or want more profit for your bottom line.
3. Think about your overall marketing strategy for this year to increase your sales. Create some bullet points you will plan to work towards during the year.

Gary Wilbers
Speaker, Author, Coach

"With my Success in Hiring System for small business owners, you will learn how to recruit, hire and retain the right fit for your business. I created this system from all of my experience as a small business owner with the same struggles as you. Best of all, it is free. Why? Because my purpose in life is to help small business owners reach their full potential."
A strategy you can use to help your business continue to grow and analyze the results that give the greatest return on your investment. I created a template for business owners to use to take a look at creating their own Marketing & Sales plan for an entire year.
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